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My Poetic Publications are bound to touch your heart and I hope they do.
Poetic Publications is a registered New Hampshire Business, which was
created for my books and other works in 2007.

Since I fully launched into my work in the late 1990s, income from my writings (especially my songs)
had wanted to create places and things for the recovery of the Heart of humanity on a global scale.
Since 2005 I have hoped that income from my work would help me climb back onto my own feet
and acquire at least one home that could be turned into a healing/recovery center for others.
And now, I am homeless and living a car and fighting to keep ahold of my hope and my vision of a
world with more Heart - a world that is healing instead of what has been happening to humanity.

More may be added soon.

Would your heart like to help me?

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Healing the World Begins and Finishes
With the Healing of Our Individual Hearts

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