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Me at 45 years old in 2004

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

A Bit About my Writings

   I actually hand wrote my first poetry book in a little loose leaf notebook when I was around twelve years old. I knew then, that I was going to write a book of poetry when I grew up. But my writing has grown into far more than one poetry book. Since the deep inner healing process I went through in the 1980s my books have focused on healing the Heart of humanity, as well as my own. This is an important part of what I am meant to be doing with my life. Its my job, my work, my mission.
   In my writings I have often capitalized the H in the word "Heart," because I feel that it is the most important part of humanity and deserves some sort of emphasis. It's my way of stressing its importance. I have learned that, it is through our Hearts that the most wonderful things in life can be reached. Four examples of these wonderful things are, compassion, empathy, conscience and the type of Love that is the Highest Power. To me, these four things are the most important parts of every human being and they exist in every Heart that has not been completely broken or blocked. All of my work and writings from the 1980s to 2011 were about healing the Heart of humanity, and they included a series of papers, booklets and several published books.

I feel that HEART is the most important thing in life, because without HEART the mind sways toward evil and conscience dies and hate and vengeance slide into the places where love and compassion should be. A lot of this has been happening in our world. Have you noticed? We cannot accept it. It is not "meant to be" and it must be stopped. Please do read and share my "Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom" book.

    Since I started my Embracing Feelings work I have been being targeted by people who have aimed to sabotage my writings and my life. But I ahve realized that the Heart of humanity has also been being targeted and enslaved and must be set free. So, my work has also become an effort to expose and stop what has been blocking and destroying the Heart of humanity, which is evident in all of my writings about the technological and pharmaceutical targeting of humanity. I have sometimes perceived this as a detor from my work, but I guess it is a part of my work too.
   My first Embracing Feelings book exposed the pharmaceutical part, but I did not know how huge of a problem it was at that time. I'd written most of this book in the 1990s and had finished it just before the final manuscript was lost in a fire, which destroyed a home I'd owned in 2001.
   I used to foolishly think that everything we experience is "meant to be" and happens for a good reason. That was before I knew how much dark forces have control of in our world. Now I know that much of what happens is not meant to be and that we should stand up and stop the things that aren't supposed to be happening. Among these things are the intentional harms that have been being inflicted upon humanity in multiple ways, especially that which has been destroying and/or blocking the Heart of humanity and intentionally hurts people.
    From 2004 to around 2014 I wrote a series of papers and bookletts on the theme of Embracing Feelings and buying local and people helping people...etc. I had also reconstructed my Embracing Feelings book and published several books around the year 2010. At this time part of my Embracing Feelings book became and my "Embracing Sadness" book. But these writings had been altered by those who target me. I did not know it at the time, but my computers had been infiltrated.
    Since the fall of 2011, I've been writing primarily about the covert targeting of humanity in blogs and my websites as well as in books that I began publishing in 2014. Among these books was, Technological Holocaust and Ramblings of a Targeted Individual and Yearn for Freedom. I have done many new editions of these same books since then. It is frustrating that the targeting has forced me to redo and re-publish my writings many times. I've even been forced to switch publishing companies two times. I'm on my fourth publishing company and hopefully I will be able to remain at Barnes and Noble. Some of my books are still on Amazon as well.
    Due to experiencing severe levels of covert targeting, I was forced to abandoned my personal "Embracing Feelings" work and focus on getting the targeting exposed and stopped, so that I could do my work and live my life without interference and without being sabotaged or hurt, and also so that I could bring help for other people whom I knew were also being targeted. But I soon learned that we were not nearly the only victims of evil covert targeting. As I realized more about the targeting, and how wide spread it is, my concern for the safety and wellbeing of all of humanity grew. My heart has ached for all of us - for all of my loved ones and all of the other targeted people and all of humanity.
    Around 2012, I wrote "Public Notice" and "Technological Holocaust" papers and passed them out, but could not continue doing much of this, because the targeting was vamping up and I was destitute and living in a vehicle by this point. So I turned to the web, although it is something my instincts had always told me to avoid. I had decided that it was better than nothing. I felt desperate to get the targeting to be realized and stopped. I'd been convimnced that public exposure is what would stop it. I felt that many lives depended on my doing this, and they truly did. So, I started blogs and joined social media forums and tried to get people to realize the technological and pharmaceutical targeting of humanity. At this time I started my first Technological Holocaust website on www.targetedinamerica.com.
   But I was being watched by those who target me and my efforts were often sabotaged. I even went through periods of being drugged and brainwashed into forgetting the most important things and believing other things, especially in 2012 and 2013. The best parts of my web writings were often being either erased or altered and the worst of them were allowed to be shared. I was blocked on Facebook and my Facebook accounts were taken over by those who target me. And all the Targeted Individual web forums I went into were not good for me, because they opened doors for more harassment and more dis-information...etc. I quickly closed all of the social media doors and only did my own blogs and websites, but they have been being infiltrated and altered and even appear to have been being blocked from public view, at least some of the time. They had even been changing the dates of some of my blog posts on sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com, which was called Ramblings of a Targeted Individual. My web writings now appear to have been a losing battle from the start - mostly a waste of time and energy. It now appears that my battle to prove the targeting, on the web, did not help anyone and may have even done too much of the opposite, because I also found that some odd pages had been plugged into my own websites. I do not know what the effect of this was, but I'm sure it wasn't good. And I do not know how long they were there before I realized it or if its all remained removed.
    I fought hard to inform the public - I kept starting over again and reposting my writings in different places. I lost count of the amount of emails I opened and blogs I used. I became as relentless as those who target me were. My yearn to defying those evil forces, and not let them stop me, became one of my motivators. If they obviously did not want something posted I quickly blasted it up in even more places, and this ended up working against me, because I was not taking the time to do a good job with my writings. Everything became too rushed as I aimed to post things before they altered or erased them and before they could prevent it. But my rushing didn't prevent them from doing what they wanted to do with my writings. I was like a desperate, lone soldier continuing to fight a battle that could not be won. It appeared that they either quickly infiltrated, or were already in control of, every place I went and everything I used, both inside and outside the web.
    My battle to publicly expose and stop the targeting lasted from the fall of 2011 to 2021 - a whole decade, and it is not completely over. Although I desperately need and want to be, it's not over until the targeting stops. And if it ever does genuinely stop, the hell is still not over for me until I have completely healed from the damage it has done to me and my loved ones and my work and my life in general.
   I am concerned that, since my primary blogs are mostly now un-viewable, there may not be enough left of my writings about my personal experiences with the targeting. I have actually never shared a most of my experiences, because ignoring as much of the targeting as I can has helped me to survive it and there are some things that I am not sure of and do not want to speculate on...etc. There has also been the problem of me being blasted with microwaves while I do my writings. I've had serious problems with this and the infiltration of my computers from the start of all of my writings. But I was not aware of it through most of that time, so it had its way.
   In my initial blog I had shared some of what I was experiencing. When I started the first blog in 2011 I knew I was being targeted. But, aside from being altered by those who target me, these writings also became my rush to blast out posts, while I was being tortured, with the hope that it would make the torture back off, because the tortures often did stop when I publicly posted that it was happening. Consequently these postings were not very functional, because they were done while I was either in severe pain or being hit so hard with microwaves that I could hardly even think straight or both. Most often it was both. This is why I named that blog, "Ramblings of a Targeted Individual." I did not include most of these parts of the blog in my final edition of my Ramblings of a Targeted Individual book. I only kept small parts of my experiences in it - just enough to help validate other torture victims - (Targeted Individuals).
   Most of what remains on the web, and in the books I wrote in the past decade, is primarily focused on exposing the global problem with the targeting and was written in ways that aimed to try to prove that it is all really happening and is not science fiction or craziness or my imagination or "conspiracy theories"...etc.
   I have also had a legitimate concern about being labeled as "crazy" or "mentally ill" and institutionalized...etc. There have been direct efforts and threats to do this to me. But I am not crazy and what I've experienced is true and real, even during the times when I have misperceived things or assumed the wrong things...etc. It's all valid parts of my experiences. Please realize this if you have some of my original writings on the targeting.
   In my "Yearn for Freedom" book I focused primarily on only the most obvious and provable parts of the targeting, because I was still trying to prove that it was really happening. But there is a lot more to it than that and there are many things I have realized since I wrote the last edition of that book. There is a little bit more of it in my most recent books on www.poeticpublications.com. And below is my most recent general statement on my experiences with the targeting.

My Experiences with the targeting

   Since most of my original blogs are down, I feel I should repost a statement on my experiences with the targeting. This is a very brief over view, because I am being microwaved as I do it. I'm exhausted and hurting and just want to be done with it.

   I did not even start realize that I was being targeted until around the end of 2005. And at that time I thought it was being done by some sort of small local satanic occult that was against my writing about saving the Heart of humanity. I kept moving, in order to get away from it, but it followed me everywhere I went. I experienced the targeting in many states in the USA, in Canada and in Peru.
   Around the end of 2011 I began realizing the full scope of the targeting. After this I began looking back over my life and many confusing puzzle pieces began clicking into place. It appears that I have been being targeted since at least around 1970, with severe vamp ups periodically happening since then. It appears that my whole family has been being targeted. The worst of of the targeting on me has been since the early 1990s and increasingly getting worse until it hit really destructive levels around the end of 2005, when it shoved me into destitution. Its been absolutely horrible since around the end of 2011, after they finished isolating me from all possible sources of help.
   I am still realizing new things. It is very difficult to realize things and write about them while still being targeted, but I have done the best I could under these conditions.
   I am a Targeted Individual (TI), but have called myself a "torture victim" since the "Targeted Individual" label has sometimes been used to make genuine victims look crazy...etc. There are a lot of dark manipulations and mis-information in and around this whole targeting situation, but it really has been happening. And there are two primary components to it; the microwave weapon part and the covert harassment part. I have called the microwave weapon part, "technological targeting." But it has been called many other things by other people, including, "Havana Syndrome," "sonic attacks," "Directed Energy Weapons" (DEWs), "ELF frequencies," "microwaves" and "radio wave targeting" and "electronic harassment" (EH). They are all VERY real. And there are many different types of microwave weapon attacks.
   Here I am just briefly skimming the surface of some of my experiences with them. I hope you read this with your heart and listen closely to your own instincts, because what am telling you is the truth. And there are many other victims of this who need validation, understanding and the proper kinds of support and help. All parts of the covert targeting should be known by everyone, because disbelieving and assuming the wrong things prevents victims from having the proper kinds of support and understanding and validation.

The Microwave Weapons Part

   I have experienced many types of microwave weapon attacks and the worst of it has been since the fall of 2011. According to my experiences there are two primary types; the type that is like laser weapon shots and the type that is general microwave attacks. I have experienced...

* Ongoing microwave attacks to my brain, which vary in the degree of intensity.
* Many attacks to my brain, which caused severe pain and nausia and were so horrible that I literally wanted to die, in order to get it to stop. A few of these were long lasting. But most have been for shorter periods of time, hours or half a day. Around the year 2014 I experienced eleven days of being attacked this way literally every single time I opened my mouth and spoke. (They did not want me talking about the targeting.) During another worse round I lost consciousness in a motel room. The pain and vomiting were so bad that I could not function and literally wanted to die and lost consciensness. These two attacks were the worst I've experienced.
* Frequent attacks to my brain, which caused moderate to mild pain and sometimes mild nausia.
* Frequent attacks that cause a mild to moderate ringing in my ears and blurred vision and fatigue.
* Periodic attacks to my neck and upper chest area, which cause pain and make my bones feel like they are aching or my muscles feel like they are painfully contracting.
* Occasional attacks that felt like my whole body was being blasted with a severe intensity of microwaves. Its hard to describe the feeling, because there is nothing else I can relate it to. But it feels horrible. It truly is terrifying.
* Periodic attacks that effect my organ functions, including my lungs and heart. One severe attack on my heart caused severe pain and when I quickly turned my body I felt an intense, fast pulsating type of vibration on the back of my neck. This was clearly a microwave weapon attack to instigate a heart attack. This happened in 2012 as I was passing out a new "Heart Bud" paper, which exposed the targeting.
* Periodic attacks which have the effect of completely blocking emotions and my ability to visualize things. It feels horrible when this happens. It causes intense pressure that feels like my brain is clamped in a vice grip.
* Occasional attacks, which appear to cause brain-washings at strategic times and appear to be accompanied by them drugging me. The mind control part of the targeting is VERY real. (Please be sure to read www.targetedinamerica.com or my Technological Holocaust book. They are both the same.)
* Occasional attacks to my hands, which makes them ache. This has only happened when I am working on something that is important to me, like when I am sewing or painting or writing. It has not happened at other times when my hands are busy.
* Periodic attacks on my brain that make me feel retarded, like I can not think of the proper things to write or say and can not remember how to spell common words or simple things like, 2 + 2 = 4. (I am a fairly intelligent person who has a better than average memory. Affecting the memory part of my brain is one of the ways that they have tried to sabotaged my writings. My memory function is fine when I am not doing things like focusing on the most important parts of my writings or trying to talk about the targeting or other important things.)
* Frequent attacks which caused only fatigue and blurred vision and muddled thinking. I've experienced this most of the time since around 2005 and periodically from 2001 to 2005.

   I have also experienced a lot of laser weapon types of attacks, which pinpoint particular parts of my body and have a variety of effects. I know that they are being caused by laser weapons due to the timing of the attacks and also due to those who target me letting me know that they are doing it, which appears to have become part of the torture process after they had isolated me from all possible sources of help. Since the end of 2011 they actually want me to know that they are doing this to me. Among the things I've experienced with laser weapon types of attacks are...

* Frequent sexual assaults to my breasts and pubic area.
* Laser weapon shots that caused injury to tendons and/or muscles.
* A few laser cuts in my skin. I actually watched them do this to my finger. I was looking at it and a little cut suddenly appeared and started bleeding. This actually happened twice, that I am sure of. There are many times, throughout the deeper past, when I'd suddenly have little bleeding cut on me and had not injured myself on anything I was doing, that I knew of. I now think that at least some of those incidents may have been the targeting as well.
* Periodic shots that appeared to to be only to inflict temporary pain and discomfort in various parts of my body. This has happened a lot.
* A few shots that caused blistering burns on my skin. This was done to my left leg and chest a few years ago, when they were issuing the warnings for me to not write or talk about the targeting.
* Periodic shots to my throat, which severely constricted muscles and made me feel like I was chocking and couldn't breath, or that made me cough. This has often happened in efforts to make me stop talking about the targeting.
* Frequent shots that have caused irritating itching or tingling sensations, most often in my nose or ears or the upper middle part of my back that I can not easily reach. In the nineteen eighties I used to wonder why my nose suddenly severely itched literally every time I started doing the dishes and had my hands elbow deep in soap suds. At the time, it was very baffling. Now I know why. Around that time the same thing would often happen every time I visited with my husband's family members.
* A few extremely painful shots to my fingers for writing about the targeting. This happened in 2012 after I received a threat which said, "A keyboard and a 45," which was a warning to make me stop writing about the targeting. This has crippled two of my fingers. I showed them to a doctor who said it was not arthritis and that he did not know what could have caused it.
* Periodic shots to my heart, making it feel like I'm having a heart attack. These have varied from mild to severe. And I have experienced uncountable rounds of it. Its like a death threat. Its a good thing that I am not afraid of physical death.
* Periodic painful shots to my head which cause a swollen bump on the back right lower part of my skull and severe pain.
* Periodic painful laser shots that drill into the top left part of my brain. The timing of these make them appear to be a threat of giving me brain damage, which they know I'm terrified of. Its to terrorize me.
* Occasional laser shots that feel like bee stings.
* Occasional laser shots to my jaw. This has only happened when I am obviously enjoying something I am eating.

   This is not all of it. I am being microwaved as I write this, so its difficult. There is more in my Yearn for Freedom book.

   The attacks started out being very inconspicuous. I just thought I was physically ill. But attacks became severe and obvious around the end of 2011. Vamp ups have often happened at times when I did my work, which was focused on healing the Heart of humanity, when I wrote about the targeting, when I aimed to get help, when I cried, when I deeply prayed, when I tried to meditate, when I wa enjoying something, when I got angry at those who target me...etc. It also seems to completely back off at strategic times, like some of the times when I've connected with officials about the targeting problem.
   There are a lot of manipulations that happen with the microwave and laser weapon attacks. One is just in the timing of the attacks. I have been through many rounds of those who target me suddenly doing very painful laser weapon attacks at times when certain people or vehicles come near me, in order to make it look like it is those people who are torturing me. They have done this with fire department and police vehicles as well as common vehicles that park near me. I knew the torture most likely wasn't being done by the people in the vehicles, because I'd already realized that at least most of it was being done with space based technologies. I actually feel that all of it has been, due to a test I ran and several dreams I had which showed it being space based technologies. But not all victims are aware of this. So, I can easily understand how unaware torture victims can assume it is their own fellow employees or church goers or students...etc., who are torturing them, especially if some of them were being used in the covert harassments part of the targeting. Perhaps this is what instigates some of the mass shootings, which have been happening. I feel certain that at least some of the mass shootings in the USA are this type of scenario happening. These situations are not "mental illness" and are not due to guns being available, they are due to the cruel and evil torturing of people who would most likely not ever be violent if they were not being horribly tortured and tormented or if they had places where they could go to for the proper kinds of understanding and help with what is really happening to them.
   Words can not describe how horrible it is to experience the microwave tortures. It is grotesquely inhumane and I'm sure many victims have various types of negative reactions, depending on their personality type, how severely they are being tortured and for how long they have been being tortured.
   It is horribly sad for all the people who were shot by these torture victims, but my tears fall primarily for the torture victim, as I write this, because I know - I know the indescribable hell they experienced prior to reaching that lethal point. No human being should ever suffer like this, ever. The shooters are the worse victims in the shootings, because they died in indescribable agony and their souls probably remain raked with guilt for what they have done. It has not set them free. Crimes are not the solution, but what is? There has to be a good solution and there is...


The Covert Harassment Part

   In the covert harassment part of the targeting, threats and messages are most often delivered through involved people coming near me and pretending to be talking on their phones or to someone else. Covert messages are also delivered through radio stations, certain songs played in public places at strategic times, and advertisements on the web. The covert messaging often reiterates things I've recently said or done or issues threats. It is sometimes cryptic and appears to aim to confuse and harass or make me feel scared or threaten and like I have no privacy at all. I'm glad I'm not a fearful type of person. Most of the time they just irritate me and make me even more determined to expose and stop the targeting. But they have threatened my loved ones a lot and this scares me.
   Aside from the covert messaging stuff there are rounds of noise campaigns. People who are involved in the targeting do rounds of crowding me and repeatedly making loud noises around me. (I call these people "puppets") This has mostly been done in public places, places I frequent, on jobs I've gotten and on roads while I am driving. One example of this is the time I walked into a restaurant. I walked up to the counter to order a drink and a group of puppets walked in behind me. After I ordered I stepped behind them and then turned and headed for the bathroom. One of them slammed a book down onto the floor as I walked away. I was in a sarcastic mood so I swung back around and said, "You did that a bit too late." Her back was turned to me and she must have thought that one of her friends had said this, because her response was to turn to them and say, "I thought she was right there!"
   The noise campaigns also include vehicle horns blaring and sirens blaring and puppets angrily yelling...etc.
   If I do things that are out of line they have their puppets repeatedly do the same things to me. One example of this was during a period when they were having puppets in loud trucks zooming up behind me and tailgating me, obviously trying to intimidate me, I started slamming my brakes on, in order to get them to back off and leave me alone. (I was in a mood, due to being in pain and being microwaved. So please excuse me for behaving so badly.) For a very long time after that they had people pulling out in front of me and slamming their brakes on. It still happens sometimes. There are cruel parts of the targeting that even seek vengeance when I have not intentionally done anything wrong at all. But most of what they do has nothing to do with what I have done and is just their criminal agenda.
   Many things have been periodically done to my vehicles, including moving my rear view mirrors and spraying something on my windshield that makes it almost impossible to see out of when it is raining and headlights shine on it from oncoming traffic. The last time they did this was just before the rainy period around this weekend of May 30, 2021. They have periodically tried to instigate vehicle accidents in many different ways. I can't count the amount of times I've experienced vehicles swerving into me on highways. This has happened far more than the norm in the past two decades. They have also had people tamper with the brakes on my vehicles on at least three occasions. It appears that they have severely targeted two mechanics who noticed criminal, life threatening damage done to my vehicles. One batch of damage caused the gas to pour out of my engine when I started my car. Its a good thing I'd noticed before heading onto the road and before the manifold got really hot. The mechanic who noticed this was hit hard. I'm sure the targeting made him forget all about it. I was hit hard too. Two other incidents were obvious damage done to make the brakes malfunction on my vehicles.
    I have experienced them remotely accessing and interfering with every type of new technology I've used, from my digital camera and cell phones to my computers and electronics in vehicles. They have even been able to remotely turn a TV and radio off or on. (New technologies and vehicles are not safe, because they have been made accessable.)
   They have harassed me in public bathrooms to a severe degree. I am homeless and have used public bathrooms a lot. Puppets would be frequently banging on the bathroom doors and even reefing on the handles as if they were trying to break in, while I was in their. Some of this may have been people's abdomens being microwaved in a way that makes them feel like they have to rush to the bathroom, which can be done. But it was not always that, because some of them would run off after doing it and one store employee even stood outside the door to try to lure me into a negative reaction, through laughing and asking, "Did you think someone was breaking in on you?" This bathroom door has a clear "occupied" sign on it when its occupied, so there is no legitimate excuse for most of it. A pharmacy employee recently barged in on me, while I was sitting on the toilet. She had to unlock the door, in order to do this. She never knocked to see if someone was in there, because she knew I was in there. Using public bathrooms also opened doors for many other types of harassments happening on a daily basis. I have been through MANY years of hell with this. I now pee and poop in a bucket, which is lined with plastic baggies, in the back seat of my car. Its better than the alternatives.
    Similar things used to happen when I showered at Planet Fitness or the YMCA. And they used to get into my belongings there, because both places are set up so that a person has to leave their clothes and purse in a place that is accessible to others and walk naked into the shower stall, in front of other people. Its an extremely inconsiderate set up. Even cheaply built campground showers, throughout the USA, have the consideration of attaching the little dressing cubical to the shower stalls, so that a person can privately undress and step into the shower and have their personal belongings in there with them. The violations in the Planet Fitness and YMCA shower rooms, even included people yanking the shower curtain open and pretending they didn't know I was in the shower.
   I'd started wrapping my clothes and purse in plastic garbage bags and taking them into the shower stall with me. The last time I did this they had an angry puppet standing outside the shower curtain complaining and spitting out at me, "You are NOT supposed to dress in the shower," as I walked out. That was the last straw for me. I no longer take showers. Its been over a year since I showered. The violations of my privacy have been huge and intentional. My car is not private either, but its better than the public bathrooms in many ways. A victim in my type of situation really has no privacy at all anywhere. It now appears that I had no real privacy in the homes I'd owned either, but I didn't know it back then. This has been really difficult for me, because I am a very private type of person. And I so miss the long warm baths and showers I used to be able to take in the homes I'd owned.
    A lot of the harassment has the intention of trying force a victim into negative or violent reactions and appears to be so they can be portrayed as "mentally ill" or so they can be arrested and imprisoned or blamed and shamed if they have a negative reaction. The most cruel and intrusive things were often done while I was being painfully blasted with microwaves and was in an extremely low tolerance mood. I'm glad I am not naturally the type of personality who fights or tends to act out my anger or pain and I feel really sorry for the victims who are, because they probably get into trouble a lot and do not last long before the targeting gets the best of them. I feel so sad for them.
   Those who target me have also often used their puppets to contaminate my food with either parasites or drugs. This happened to a massive degree in two of the most popular fast food restaurants I used to go to.

   The things I have experienced with the covert harassment part of the targeting could fill many books and ranges from people being used as puppets to do foolish little things to people being used to perform life threatening crimes against me. The worse crimes, that the targeting committed against me, were three rapes, which were all performed at or near jobs I'd gotten, the life threatening damage done to my vehicles and... this list could be VERY long. And I'm sure there are a lot of minor things that I am not aware of, because I consciously try to ignore the covert harassment and technological tortures as much as I can. Ignoring them as much as possible has helped me to survive this. But living in my car in parking lots makes the covert harassment impossible to avoid most of the time. Sometimes I blast my radio when puppets walk by my car, just to drown out what they are saying. I don't want to hear it and I have even repeatedly told them this, but they have continued anyway. I guess they have to follow their orders. But I feel sure that many are unaware of the targeting and what they are being used by. And I feel that some are mind control victims. I hope they will all soon become aware and be set free.

People Who Are Involved in the Targeting

   After I started realizing the targeting, and started trying to figure out who was doing it and why, those who target me started manipulating things to point me in the wrong directions. The only parts I now feel certain of are the roles that one of my sisters played in it, and the fact that there has been a heavy Christian base to some of the targeting, which has been trying to force me into Christianity and out of my own natural spirituality, and the fact that the core of the targeting is done by what appears to be some sort of satanic occult. The core of the targeting truly is evil. And it appears that I have been being targeted by more than one entity or group. These things were all evident before the manipulations started.
   The Christian part of the targeting has been very strong since around the early 1990s. It includes rounds of torture and disruptions in my life, including a suspicious fire in the last home I'd owned in NH, the loss of a substancial bank account, and a suspicious flash flood in a neighborhood I'd moved to. After disasters and difficulties, or rounds of torture, which I thought were physical illness at that time, they often swarmed me with Christian people who tried to convince me that its all happening because I am "not right with God" and that the hell will stop if I join the Christian religion and follow only the bible. People who'd tell me this did not even know me or my faith. I used to find it really odd that so many people just assume that people who are going through tough times are not connected to God. But now I know that they were just puppets repeating what their leaders told them to say, even though it made them look foolish.
    Many churches have been involved in the targeting. (I am already right with the God that is Love and Light and I know that it is not God who does this to me. The real God/Love/Light has been helping me to have the strength to endure it until the proper kinds of help arrive and the targeting is stopped. My connection to God is strong.) It appears that someone has been trying to torture me into following only the Christian ways. This part of the targeting has also included the sabotaging of my own natural spiritual practices, which are akin to Native American spirituality in the ways of honoring dreams and visions and our spiritual connection with nature. Microwave weapons have been used on me in this process, especially at times when I'd tried to meditate and deeply pray.
   My second oldest sister's primary role in the targeting of me was to help convince my whole family and others that I am a "paranoid schizophrenic" so that nobody would believe that I am really being targeted, or help me in the ways that I needed, as the targeting later vamped up. She was very active and effective in this role since around 2003.
    I have wanted to think that she's just another mind control victim that was only being used, and would not really want to hurt me, but her hateful jealousy of me and manipulative aims to destroy my relationships with other people, and her habit of projecting her darkness onto me, has been a long standing problem in my life. Perhaps she is a mind control victim and perhaps she was acting of her own free will. I feel that it was both. It appears she has been involved with some of the technological parts of the targeting as well, including taking over my email account in 2002 or 2003. And she has obviously stalked me on the web. There has been a lot of other things too, but its too much to put into a brief statement.
    I think it would have been easy for her to be used against me, because of her hateful jealousy of me and her naturally dark and manipulative ways, which she has had since childhood. Through her theere was dark success with isolating me from my whole family of origin, so that I'd have nobody to turn to for help as the targeting later vamped up into horrible levels. And words can not even begin to describe the hell that I have been through since then and how painful it has been for me to realize the parts she has played in the harm that has been to me and my other loved ones and other people who are also being targeted.
   This sister is not nearly the only person who has been used against me, but she is the most painful scenario, because I love her. I even feel bad writing about this, but I feel I must, because I do not want her to continue succeeding with what she has been doing. This would not be good for either one of us or anyone else. This applies, whether she is merely being used by the evil force or is a willing part of the targeting or both. The damage her behaviors have done, within our family, has been devastating for me, but it has also been extremely hurtful to many others. This not only deprived me of the trust and support of all of my loved ones at a critical time, but also deprived all of my other loved ones of my help and support, which many of them had needed. And I have been concerned for her too. There have been times when it appears that she has even convinced herself that she is me and I am her. And she needs to face the truth, because she is not me and I am not her. I hope she finds her heart and gains freedom from the darkness that has had a grip on her, no matter how it has been happening and whether it is of her own free choices or not.
   I have actually been shocked by how easily people have believed her, instead of me, even when the truth was extremely obvious. It appears that people can be convinced of just about anything when they have been drugged with certain types of feeling and brain numbing pharmaceuticals and this has been happening to people as well.
    I also feel that radio waves have been used for other types of brainwashing. My whole family has actually been being targeted in various ways, since at least around 1970. And we have all suffered in various ways, because of it. This targeting includes far more than what this one sister has been doing in my family. She has just been the most obvious part of some of what has happened to me, and is one of the two who may have been acting of their own free will against me. I actually have two older sisters who have been hatefully jealous of me and had behaved cruelly toward me since my early childhood. To them I was the hated, "Little miss perfect," which they used to snidely call me. Its a classic Cinderella story. I'm not sure if they were working together with the targeting of me, but I recently had a dream that points in that direction. And many people have been too blind to the scope of their hurtful behaviors and manipulations, including myself. Getting away with so much has not been good for them either.

   The general targeting also extends far beyond my family. There are many people, from all walks of life, who have been being used in the targeting against me. It appears that some know exactly what they are doing and follow orders, through text messaging, from their leaders. They seem to belong to an evil secret society, which holds me under surveillance and orchestrates the targeting. But many of the puppets appear to be unaware mind control victims. And some appear to have been completely enslaved and are not even fully who they once were. (Some members of my family also appear to have been completely enslaved.) Its shocking how many people, from all walks of life are used in the targeting and many of them are victims of it too, just in a different way from the way I am.
   It sometimes appears that most of humanity has been either enslaved or recruited into the evil covert program. They heavily infiltrate places I frequent, which makes it look like its just about everyone. But I think this problem really is huge and also exists throughout the rest of humanity. I am certain that I am not nearly the only torture victim.
   It appears that most mind control victims do not even know that they are victims and do not know that they are being used by evil forces. The Technological and pharmaceutical mind control part of the targeting is VERY real and destructive for eveeryone on all sides of this. There is more about this on my www.targetedinamerica.com website and in my Technological Holocaust book, which is a solid copy of this website. And there is more about my personal experiences with the targeting in all of my other books. Its all a bit scattered at this point, with different parts of it in different books. I have not been able to get orgainized with it, due to being targeted so heavily. Please excuse my disarray.

Hopefully soon, freedom will be gained for me and all types of victims - for all of humanity.

Defense of My Personality

   I guess I should tell you a bit about my personality. I am not nearly perfect, but I am a kind and considerate type of person who would not intentionally hurt anyone. I love peace and do not like wars and discord. The homes I'd owned, before the targeting pulled the rug out from under my feet, were out in the country and fairly secluded, because I love nature and peaceful environments.
   Although I am a very creative type of person, I am also a sort of scientific minded type of person. I am a double Aquarian who tends to deal in facts and proof and I have never been the type of person who believes in superstitions. Most of what I write comes from the wisdom of my own experiences and insights. When there is not proof I do my best to listen to the heart of my own instincts, which is most easily done when I am not being microwaved and am in a peaceful place inside myself.
   By nature, I don't tend to blindly believe in anything. I never have. I couldn't even believe in the Highest Power until I had proof of the existence of that pure Love and Light and its connection to everyone and everything in our natural world. I am glad I got that proof and I got it through my own direct experiences with it.
   I do not believe in following or promoting religions. I am a very spiritual based person, but I am not a religious person. I tend to listen to my own insights and heart and wisdom above all else. Other people have a right to their beliefs, but I should not have to follow theirs, instead of finding my own in my own way. So, this whole thing of trying to torture me into Christianity has been difficult for me. I should not have to join a religion, in order to stop being targeted.
   I am a very stubborn person, when it comes to keeping my own beliefs and having my own choices in my own life. If someone pushes me too hard in one direction, I'm apt to head in the opposite direction just to defy them. My defiance and resistance of authority has served me well in the targeting, although I have suffered horrific rounds of torture because of it. I used to see it as a fault of mine, but I'm now very glad to be stubborn and defiant, because it has preventing me from throwing in the towel and joining that evil force. I'd rather suffer, and boy I have suffered severely! I should be free to do what I want with my own life and believe in what I want and pray the way I want. Its MY life and MY choice, not theirs!
   Although I do not tend to blindly believe in anything I do tend to be open minded. One example of this is the alien stuff that so much of our world believes in; I do not believe in it, because I have not witnessed it, but I think that other life forms may be possible and I do not want to blindly disbelieve other people's experiences with them. I tend to stay rather neutral. So I am not the type of person who is going to share things that are just a blind belief of what someone else told me. I tend to look at and believe only the reality I know and feel to be true. Like I've said, most of my writings come from the wisdom of my own experiences and insights. They are not "conspiracy theories."
   I tend to face problems head on and get to the root of them and work at resolving them. This is my natural way. I'm not the type of person who runs from problems. I am not a fear based type of person either. Although I have had fears, they do not tend to run wild in me. Anxiety has never been a problem of mine. People who used to know me, knew me as being what some of them called "too fearless." Some people were concerned about me traveling and hiking alone, in the mountains and deserts, but I went alone anyway. The whole point, for me, was to find peace in healing places and I could only do that alone and in remote areas. I also loved traveling and meeting new people as much as I loved my alone time and I did a lot of both of these things back in the days when I could. To me, there was nothing to fear and a lot to be gained. (I've become a bit wiser since then.)
   Due to the targeting, I am now homeless and living in a car and have been held trapped in a destitute situation, but this does not mean that there is something wrong with me. I have been very capable of working, but the targeting has been sabotaging my primary job and all other jobs that I have attained or tried to attain. There is, however, something wrong with the people who sabotaged my life and shoved me into destitution and torture me with microwaves...etc. They appear to have completely lost their Hearts!
   Though some of the people who target me have been trying to convince the world that I am a "paranoid schizophrenic," and that I am "evil," the opposite is actually the truth. That was intentional slandering and it was to discredit me and make people think badly of me and deprive me of help. It surprised me, because it could not be much further from the truth. I initially did not realize what it was really about and that it was more than my sister trying to degrade me. But I do now.
   The truth about my condition is that I am wounded and deeply hurt and feel like I have been all torn up, both inside and out at this point, but I am sane and strong. If I had a real paranoia problem I would be aware of it and would have no problem with admitting it. But I don't have that problem and I was born with unusual levels of insight into myself, as well as others, so I do not think I am in denial either. I do have problems and issues and am not afraid to look at myself and my own shortcomings. I'm into fully facing my problems and working at healing or solving them. I always have been and hope I always will be. It is in my nature to do so. And I do not mind seeking professional help and have done so when I felt I needed it. I just do not want to take on any more than I already have and I shouldn't have to. I have enough real issues of my own to deal with, especially now. So, please don't be trying to make me paranoid too! (This is supposed to be funny, but I guess it isn't. :-(
   One of the personal issues, which I HAVE had, is actually the complete opposite of paranoia. I used to trust people too much and only focus on the good in them, unless I had a good reason not to. I had a hard time even fathoming the existence of evil in the world. With my second oldest sister I focused on the good and ignored the bad even when I had good reason not to. I did not start fully facing her dark behaviors until around the end of 2020. Being like this kept me blind to too much for too long. I was like a foolish naive child.
   In a normal and free world it is good to be trusting and focused on the good, but I had taken it to an unhealthy extreme. And in the world, the way it is right now, it is not good to trust too much and to only notice the good, because it is through noticing the bad that we can protect ourselves from it. The bad had already basically destroyed most of my life before I even knew it existed in my life. I feel foolish, because I was foolish. I've gotten over that problem, because the targeting has forced me to lose trust in humanity, probably too much so. Its like the old pendulum theory - from one extreme to the other and eventually settling in the middle. I look forward to that middle ground, but know I will not reach it until the targeting has been stopped and humanity is free to use it's Heart and I have done a lot of healing work. Right now I do need to do a lot of healing on every level, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The targeting has deeply hurt me on every level of my existence and I look forward to freedom from it and being able to heal from what it has done to me. I literally feel desperate for this through the past decade.

   Please understand that, although some of my experiences have been a bit unusual, it does not mean they are not true or that I am insane. Its hurtful when people jump to these assumptions. Its also hurtful and wrong and damaging for people to intentionally slander me or insinuate untruths so that they can continue with their own criminal activity against me and others.
   I am a victim of evil covert targeting and this is the real truth. I hope you will give me the benefit of possible doubt, because I deserve it. The things I write about can help humanity in many ways, if they are allowed to reach humanity and if humanity does not unfairly judge me. I have put a lot of heart and decades of labor into my writings, under conditions that are inhumane, to say the least. My writings are not nearly as good as they could have been, if I had not been being targeted while doing them, but they are the best I could do under these conditions. I hope they will reach and help the Heart of humanity to be free and to heal.
   I hope you will be able to listen to the heart of your own instincts and feel what is true and what is not, because although sometimes I (like everyone else in this sort of confusing targeting situation) may misperceive some things, it does not mean that the general problem is not true or real. Please remember this. Please read my targeting writings with an open mind.
   I also, like most other people who are being covertly targeted, have gone through times when my brain function is interfered with. So, please excuse mistakes in my writings. There have also been many times when those who target me have infiltrated and altered my writings. (Hopefully this has not been done to my new writings.) Please do not judge me for what they have done to me.

   I should not have to prove my sanity in order to be believed. Its just too wrong. Even criminals are perceived as innocent until proven guilty. Victims of crimes should have at least the same levels of consideration. Please give me the benefit of your doubt and listen to your own instincts and Hearts above all else. Hopefully you are free to. The real truth cannot always be proven, but it should be able to be felt.

There is a horrible battle, between the Light and evil forces, happening in the world right now. Its not just in my life. Please help Truth and Freedom and Genuine Love and Light to Win, for everyone's sake. Please.

I am still living in vehicle and need help to get back onto my feet, financially, so that I can do more to protect myslf from the targeting and take better care of myself. Would your heart care to help me, financially?

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