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Important Information on "Targeted in America"

~ Forewarning of Disasters ~

In 2005 and in following years, I'd shared some of the precognitive dreams I'd had about "water quickly rising, in the middle of the night, without forewarning. . .and literally setting Keene, NH under water!" Dreams had also shown the "numbers 9-09" and "geese" being associated with a horrible disaster...etc.

In recent years I had let go of putting out these forewarnings because I was forced to shift my focus onto surviving being targeted by people who created such horrific levels of chaos in my life that I lost the clarity of my dreams, was living in too much fear and "cried wolf" a few to many times as I dealt with this at a time when I was also forced into a fight for my own life. I'd initially thought I was being targeted due to my "forewarnings", but it now appears that there were also other reasons for it - that I was a "Targeted Individual" long before 2005.

I now realize that my precognitive dreams had been about made disasters, which are being intentionally inflicted upon humanity by criminals with a secret weapon called "HAARP Weapon." I also now realize that I had been heavily targeted with drugs and/or mind altering radio frequencies by these criminals who aimed to dyscredit me and my forewarnings. . .so that the public would not beieve me or realize what they are doing to us.

These HAARP created disasters are a SERIOUS situation that NEEDS humanity's immediate attention. . .especially since HAARP is also secretly practicing mind control techniques on masses of unaware people.

Please let this help you listen more closely
to the heart of your own intuition.

With a prayer
Sharon Rose Poet

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