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Unfortunately most of my announcements have been wiped out of this page by
people who had infiltrated my computers. Hopefully I will be able to restore it, someday.

Nov 6, 2023; PDF of important information about the plight of the Palestinian people. PLease print it and help spread the word.

(This paper was previously also posted on

July 25, 2023; Please print and share this new one page paper:

September 1, 2022; Please print and share this new paper:

May 9, 2021; Four Newly Published books
I have recently published four new books, which are replacing some of my old ones. They are the first four books on my Publications Page.

April 2, 2021; Newly edited "Core Problem" paper. Please print and share this.


Feb 2020; My new blogs


Feb 24, 2020; My old writings have been infiltrated and altered

I have again noticed changes in my past writings, due to those who infiltrate my computers and my life. My "Embracing Sadness" book is not what it was supposed to be either. One part that was changed actually promotes psychiatric pharmaceuticals, which is the opposite of my feelings and my intent with that book!!! A few months ago I also noticed changes in my "Hints of me in Poetry" book, where parts of some poems had been erased, loving parts! I'd pulled together and published several books during the same time of doing these in 2009 to 2011. I am now deeply concerned that all may have been interfered with. :-(

My new "Road Missed by a Lyricist" book basically replaces my "Hints of me in Poetry" book. And I'll have to replace the others too, in time. Until then, please be aware that my older books are not what they should be. I hope the new ones remain the way my heart writes them.

My work, my life, my heart
Torn so far apart!
How could they?

Dec 2020; Road Missed by a Lyricist

This new book is dedicated to my daughters and is to preserve what is left of my poetry and song lyrics. It is now available at Barnes and Noble at the following address.

Order on Barnes and Noble


Dec 3, 2020; Heart of my songs torn out!

This is a pdf of article I just wrote about my songwriting

I just noticed that two important verses, to two of my songs, were removed from my "Hints of me in Poetry" book. The verse that was wiped out of my song entitled, "Listen to My Songs" is; "My love for you is here between every word. My heart is singing. Have you heard?" And the verse that was wiped out of my "Just Another Cinderella" song was; "Now I'm just striving to be me and to know that I'm alright. These tears I now cry are going to dry tonight." I also noticed two lines added to my "Light a Candle" song, which was not good. How much else has been done to alter my writings? I don't know. I feel so hurt. Those who infiltrate my computers tearing out the heart of my writings is the worse thing that could happen to my work. I feel devastated, especially since there is no way for me to fix them, due to onging targeting and computer infiltrations...etc.


Nov 2020; My new blog

I am currently blocked from my previous blogs.


Nov 24, 2020; My newest song

Our Core Problem paper

Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom - A new book published in 2019

This book offers more awareness of, and a resolution for, most of the probelms we are now faced with in our troubled world. It also includes a bit of a personal, non-fiction continuation to the Hieghts of Wisdom story I wrote from 2004 to 2006. I hope it touches your Heart and helps restore freedom and peace and safety for us all.

Click Here to Purchase This Book

My Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom blog appears to being blocked even though it is a google site.

Yearn for Freedom - A new book published in 2017

A Targeted Individual's Yearn for Freedom that bleeds through decades of experiences with painful covert and technological targeting. This book contains a bit of information about the technological and pharmaceutical targeting of humanity as well as parts of my testimony and poetry that are not in my other books. Buy on Amazon

The Heart Bud book Buy on Amazon

This little book touches the personal core of global issues and is a dedication to the Heart of humanity through the difficult times we face in our troubled world. I hope it touches your Heart and helps bring more LOVE into our troubled world.

With this book I have gathered articles from my original "Sharon's Bud" and "Heart Bud" papers and put them under one cover. I hope it touches your heart. As I used to say. . .

Come. . .walk with me. . .into my heart and yours -
Into the places we usually avoid, as we rush through our
Lives in a world that's crying, LOUDER than ever, for us
To slow down, be still, embrace our own Hearts
With one hand, and hold the other out
To our fellow human beings.

Click Here to View Heart Bud Book

NEW SECOND EDITION of Targeted in America is now available. This book is the beginning stges of a personal testimony and is dedicated to America with the hope for Freedom to be restored to targeted citizens around the globe.


Order on Amazon

Targeted in America Site

Back up of Targeting Information

July 22, 2014; Public Writing of the new "Targeted in America" Book;
In this book my primary focus is on my personal experiences with being
targeted. I had originally entitled this the "Covert Puzzle" and may return to this title.

New Technological Holocaust Book

This little book is a good introduction to things that EVERY citizen, around the globe, should realize. It strives to expose covert harassment programs, the plight of Targeted Individuals, criminal use of satellite surveillance systems and radio wave technologies - microwave weapons...etc.

A Targeted Individual's aim to expose crimes that are sure to effect all of humanity if they are allowed to continue and grow. Please tune into the depths of your own Heart and instincts as you read this, because you may want to think its "just another conspiracy theory," even though it's proof can make the Truth shine through the deepest shadows of doubt. Please take it seriously and share it for the sake of your own future safety and that of your loved ones.

Scientists and witnesses have reported that, since at least the 1960s, behavior modification programs have been being implemented, around the globe, through remotely directing beams of radio waves (electromagnetic frequencies / microwaves) either beamed directly into the brains of individuals or into whole communities and countries, in order to accomplish brainwashings and experimentations. This is a MUST read for every citizen, especially military and government.

Order on Amazon

New Book; Poetic Voice of a Targeted Individual

This little book of poetry weaves its way through my pain, my anger, my hope, my dispair, my fear and my faith, as I stumble through the hell that being a Targeted Individual entails. I hope it touches your heart and helps you to realize our need for the freedom that is not yet here for us - the freedom that all of humanity is in danger of losing if remote technological targeting and experimentation, with radio wave technologies, is allowed to continue and grow. Order on Amazon

June 12, 2014: Infiltration!:
Many of my writings may have been being interfered with, through my computers being infiltrated, since around 1999. I will aim to comb through them when I can, which is not fully possible at this time. I hope what is left of them, will touch your heart. You can find more information about how I am being targeted on. . .

February 24, 2014: Calling Your Heart: