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Important Information on "Targeted in America"

~ "Armageddon" is Preventable ~

I'm still piecing together the puzzle of the past two decades, but one thing I am now absolutely certain of is that there was a reason why a group of criminals aimed to discredit the disaster forewarnings I'd been putting out since 2005. Through drugging me and attacking my brain with anxiety inducing radio waves before each approaching storm...etc., these criminals succeeded at making me look like a nut case so that non of you would believe me when the time came for them to inflict the final blow against all of humanity. The reason for such severe targeting of my mind and my forewarnings was recently stated by one of these criminals. They feel that they have succeeded at pulling the wool over YOUR eyes. . .and that they will soon succeed at creating a series of man made "natural disasters" that will cripple the USA, destroy our freedom. . .ultimately destroy most of humanity so that what is left can be brought under their control.

But in my heart, I can feel that most of you are smarter than they think - that you are VERY capable of listening to your own instincts and hearts above their criminal manipulations. You know that something is about to happen. You can feel it - you can feel the threat that lurks on the horizon. You can feel that something is horribly wrong. . .and now that you know what it is you can help prevent it.
I'm not sure exactly what actions you can take, because the CIA and other parts of our own government seem to be involved with this holocaust. But I feel that we must keep our fight as peaceful as possible. . .and we are sure to make an impact if most of us start making repeated phone calls to our political leaders. . .asking questions like: "Is it true that "HAARP" can create and steer "natural" disasters?" (Don't believe them if they say “no”) or "Do the operatives of HAARP, and its supporting technologies, plan to create Armageddon as part of the "New World Order" depopulation program? or "Is HAARP being used to secretly murder large masses of people. . .and if so, is this part of the implementation of the United Nation's "Agenda 21" population control plan?" and "Are you willing to help shut down HAARP and its supporting technologies, instead of letting them murder even more of us under the mask of "Natural Disasters"?

The time to act is NOW - RIGHT NOW!

I am begging you to listen to your own hearts and instincts. . .and do all that you can to prevent the continued use of “HAARP Weapon” and its supporting technologies ASAP, because this year is the time when they can pull this off and call it "Armageddon" and try to claim that it was "mean to be" - was prophesied. . .although no man-made crime was EVER "meant to be” and foresight is what enables prevention.


Lets prevent it.

If you do a little research on “HAARP Weapon” and “Agenda 21” and “New World Order” and you will start finding a deadly conspiracy, which will soon prove to be far more than “just a theory,” if YOU do not help to prevent it's success. Seriously.


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