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Important Information on "Targeted in America"

~ Articles ~
by Sharon Rose Poet
As we face rising economical difficulties and man made disasters, many of us are learning how to live with less. Some are cutting back on spending. Some are completely losing jobs and homes. Many are struggling between these two extremes. And we are all being called to open our HEARTS to deeper levels than ever before.

Armageddon is Preventable

Forewarnings of Disasters

The Silent Epidemic

Persoalized Disaster Relief

Support Group Guidelines

(More may be coming soon)

No matter how difficult life is today
No matter how much is torn away
The sun will rise on all of humanity
As we embrace our Hearts
And set Love free.

Yes, its through adversity that we gain strength,
But its through love that we heal.

Copyright 2007 by Poetic Publications/Sharon Poet with all rights reserved