~ Embracing Feelings and Healing ~
by Sharon Rose Poet

When we are free of all that blocks our feelings it will be a time of healing.

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  This book is about healing our hearts and bringing more compassion into our lives and into the lives of others. It is a poetic journey into the heart of the past, which brings Light into the future.
  During my periods of looking back, into the past, and facing the painful experiences I needed to heal from, a lot of tears fell into the lines of my writings. I hope they touch your Heart and help you to face and release your own suppressed pain so that you can heal from past difficulties, instead of carrying them with you and letting them have ill effects on your life.

  This book is also in Part Three of my "Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom" book, which is published in Barnes and Noble. That really is the best one to buy, because it has a lot of other information too. But the process of embracing feelings and healing our Hearts is so important that I wanted to make sure it didn't get hidden away in that larger book. It deserves a title of its own.

This book is a ressurrection of my 1990s Embracing Feelings book, with more added to it.

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