~ Remnants of the Personal Journals ~
by Sharon Rose Poet
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This book includes most of the articles that were in the seven original issues of “The Personal Journal” - a bi-monthly publication, which was distributed to its subscribers through the year 2005 and in January 2006. It was created to help bring more Love into our troubled world and was dedicated healing the heart of humanity.

You are welcome to freely download this book. . .but if you can afford to make a payment it would be deeply appreciated.

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"Wisdom" was a primary character in the "Hieghts of Wisdom" part of The Personal Journals. Please scroll down for a message from "Wisdom."

* A message from "Wisdom"

    Though those who greedily steal from other people's ideas and experiences often justify the theft through labeling it as being “inspired,” in the depths of my heart I feel/know that: Being “inspired” is when OUR OWN UNIQUE ideas and experiences come to life after being triggered by someone else's. Theft is when we use someone else's ideas and experiences without permission and without giving credit to their origins. (This is true, whether our judicial system agrees or not.)

    Since when has it become Ok to be a greedy copycat? And it still is illegal to steal, stalk, terrorize and aim to harm people. . isn't it?

    And when we pretend someone else's ideas and experiences are our own, especially in non-fiction writing, (even if we wrap them with different details) deception is added to the theft. . .and this can harm those who are deceived through leading them down a road that does not have the genuine wisdom or spiritual connectedness that is initially portrayed. The dangers in this can extend far beyond a normal theft! PLEASE think about this.

P.S. Please remember that, just because rich criminals hire professionals who know how to manipulate public views and terrorize and/or aim to harm Targeted Individuals, in ways that are not publicly witnessed and in ways that look like an accident or natural death, does not make them right. . .does NOT make it ok in the eyes of a higher justice. The writers of The Shack copying some of The Personal Journal is merely a small part of what has been hapening to me. Now that I understand the whole gang stalking thing I am realizing that it began long before I wrote The Personal Journals. I am now certain that I was targted BEFORE my writings went pubic. Why? I'm still not sure.

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