~ The Personal Journals ~
by Namatari Neachi - aka Sharon Rose Poet
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    A Heart touching collection of booklets, which aimed to help heal the Heart of humanity, through the public sharing of my own healing process from chains of difficulties and disasters, which continued and proved to be part of a targeting that included a suspicious fire in one home, and my neighborhood being wiped out by an unusual flash flood, as I produced these booklets.

    What is left of the 7 original booklets, which were written around the year 2005, is here in this one book. . .and still yearns to touch the Heart of humanity. (Please read the statement at the bottom of this page.)

    I had published the seven issues of the Personal Journal under the name of Namatari. And other publications, which grew from them can be found on www.heartbud.com

    I have been feeling sad that many of my past writings, especially those which I'd written in 2005, had been sabotaged. Perhaps someday, I will have the freedom to resurrect their better parts. Until then, I hope that those who have read them, will understand, instead of assuming and judging, because some had merely been uncensored releasing of past pains. . .for the heart that could have been gained. (This is what my work is about.) And some had been altered by those who target me and infiltrate my computers. But they were also filled with truths that have been weaving their way into my more recent writings. Though I no longer publicly share some of them, and have never had some on the web, they can be made available to honest officials who may need them for a good purpose.

Please read the conclusion to the Personal Journal's "Heights of Wisdom" story below.

Heights of Wisdom - The Conclusion

    Wisdom is an elderly, negro woman who is thought to be Jesus and was the primary character in a story I wrote, ("Heights of Wisdom") from the summer of 2004 to January 2006. I was forced, by heavy targeting, into discontinuing it before it was finished. But I am writing a positive pre-conclusion to it, which is helping me to have a constructive focus in the mist of the hell I am experiencing. This conclusion will be short, because of ongoing targeting. The full conclusion will happen when I have regained my freedom from all levels of the targeting.
    Within this "Heights of Wisdom" conclusion Wisdom returns from a long spiritual retreat to help a woman who was trying to help save the Heart of humanity, before both she and her work were heavily targeted and she became trapped and was at her wits end. The woman, (previously Namatari) told Wisdom about the Technological Holocaust and the enslavement of humanity through pharmaceutical and technological mind control. Wisdom decides that they need to finish some of Sharon's old work, which already has a good start in two stories called, "The End of the Infiltration" and "Vision of a World with Heart."
    The woman tells Wisdom about "a group of victims who have been being held under surveillance, while being tortured and tested. . .in order to figure out if one of them was Jesus in a past life. And..." Wisdom quickly cuts her off and says, "Those who target humanity will not succeed with their games and tests and plans for complete control. The, Love that Jesus was born to teach, is not going to be appointed through cruel, torturous tests. It will blossom into the world on its own accord and in ways that are probably not expected by anyone. God is Love and Love works through every Heart that is open enough to feel and share it. Love is already saving humanity through many Hearts. Don't worry. Love will win. Its in that Light you see wrapping itself around the globe. Its already winning."

The Sun is Now Rising for All of Humanity
Humanity is Embracing its Heart and Setting Love Free


    Wisdom and Sharon try to decide what to do. Wisdom says, "I need to end my time of isolation, or at least find a more healthy balance. People surely have a lot more Heart than what I've experienced with them. I do really feel bad that I judged all of you without realizing that your Hearts were being blocked against their will and without you even knowing it. I've been being targeted too. It just kept being wiped out of my memory. It feels strange to regain freedom that I did not know I had lost. But I can already feel how healing it is to understand. Little (previously baffling) puzzle pieces are starting to click together. I feel like I am becoming more whole than ever before. I think its time for me to start a new phase of my life, a whole new beginning." Wisdom looked a bit confused and excited at the same time. A new door was opening inside of her - a door to the lost parts she'd needed, but had not been allowed to have. Sharon hugged her, "And I need to focus on recovering and regrouping and figure out what my next step will be."
    Wisdom nudged her with her shoulder and piped in, "Maybe you can restart your work and do it in a different way. . .oooor maybe start with one of the parts that you never got to? I'm thinking of one particular thing that you told me about in 2002. Do you remember?" A smile slowly spread across Sharon's face, "Yup! I do," she laughed, "That would be perfect. Just perfect for both of us." Sharon excitedly hopped like a child and exclaimed, "Lets do it!" Wisdom lifted her hand for their high-five. They stood smiling at each other for a few seconds, tears of joy welling in their eyes. "We so need this," they both said at the same time. Then turned and slowly walked into the sunrise, each with an arm hooked around the other's shoulder.

Brightening Hope

A bit of hope flickers
Then brightens again.
Memories of a time.
From way back then.
Hope for the darkness
To come to an end,
Where Light's wings
Spread in the wind,
As I bring Wisdom
Back into my life,
And dare pretend
All will be alright.
Oh let it come True
For all of humanity,
Including me and you.

More may be coming soon.


    As I created the original Personal Journal publications I was not aware of being targeted - of being held under surveillance, targeted with microwave weapons and covertly harassed. But my intuition came out in my writings far more than I had initially realized. I now understand that there were many parts of the original "Personal Journal", which may have been seen as a threat to those who target my family. I had unwittingly written out things that were trying to show me parts of the targeting, especially in the "Hieghts of Wisdom" story that was inspired by my dreams and visions. I understand that this may seem odd to some people, but it has been a regular part of my life. My intuition has often weaved into my writings in ways that I do not cognitively realize until much later.
    There are also a few contraversial parts of the orginal Personal Journals, which some have tried to twist into something they aren't. One of these is my calling God "The Commander." So, for the record, "The Commander" is what I had jokingly called God, because I perceieved God as the commander of my life. It was a silly little phase I went through, which was actually instigated by perpetration, although I did not know it at the time. But where I am in my heart with things is often different from what is portrayed. And only those who listen to their own Hearts above all else can see this.
    I have honestly never followed satan or been a part of any sort of dark occult. I have always felt a deep connection to God/Love/Light and that is where my heart remains, no matter what sorts of manipulations may have been orchastrated, in order to making people believe otherwise.
    HOWEVER, I have been targeted by these types of dark, criminal forces. My life has been repeatedly infiltrated by them. And my writings have sometimes been tainted by their covert targetings and infiltrations.
    Unfortunately, my work can not be all that it was meant to be until I have protection from the targeting. I am being held in an invisible prison, that has been slowly destroying me, and I pray for my Freedom to soon be restored.

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