~ The Personal Journals ~
by Namatari Neachi - aka Sharon Rose Poet
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    A Heart touching collection of booklets, which aimed to help heal the Heart of humanity, through the public sharing of my own healing process from chains of difficulties and disasters, which continued and proved to be part of a targeting that included a suspicious fire in one home, and my neighborhood being wiped out by an unusual flash flood, as I produced these booklets.

    What is left of the 7 original booklets, which were written around the year 2005, is here in this one book. . .and still yearns to touch the Heart of humanity. (Please read the statement at the bottom of this page.)

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    I had initially published the seven issues of the Personal Journal under the name of Namatari Neachi, which was my legal name for several years. Other publications, which grew from them can be found on www.heartbud.com

    As I created the original Personal Journal publications I was not aware of being targeted - of being held under surveillance, targeted with microwave weapons and covertly harassed. But my intuition came out in my writings far more than I had initially realized. I now understand that there were many parts of the original "Personal Journal", which may have been seen as a threat to those who target my family. I had unwittingly written out things that were trying to show me parts of the targeting, especially in the "Hieghts of Wisdom" story that was inspired by my dreams and visions. I understand that this may seem odd to some people, but it has been a regular part of my life. My intuition has often weaved into my writings in ways that I do not cognitively realize until much later.
    There are also a few contraversial parts of the orginal Personal Journals, which some have tried to twist into something they aren't. One of these is my calling God "The Commander." So, for the record, "The Commander" is what I had jokingly called God, because I perceieved God as the commander of my life. It was a silly little phase I went through, which was actually instigated by perpetration, although I did not know it at the time. But where I am in my heart with things is often different from what is portrayed. And only those who listen to their own Hearts above all else can see this.
    I have honestly never followed satan or been a part of any sort of dark occult. I have always felt a deep connection to God/Love/Light and that is where my heart remains, no matter what sorts of manipulations may have been orchastrated, in order to making people believe otherwise.
    HOWEVER, I have been targeted by these types of dark, criminal forces. My life has been repeatedly infiltrated by them. And my writings have sometimes been tainted by their covert targetings and infiltrations.
    Unfortunately, my work can not be all that it was meant to be until I have protection from the targeting. I am being held in an invisible prison, that has been slowly destroying me, and I pray for my Freedom to soon be restored.

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