~ Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom ~
by Sharon Rose Poet

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This book has been replaced with a second edition, which is quite different from the first and is what this book was originally meant to be. Below is the link to the new edition.

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If you feel that this book can help you or someone you know, and you honestly can not afford to buy it, you can freely download it. But it is best that you print it out and printing may be more costly then buying it from Barnes and Noble. Please be honest, because although I did not write it for money, I do need an income, because I am homeless and living in a car right now. Sometimes being "selfless" is also being "selfish" because the more we do for ourselves, the more we can do for others. I guess I'm both, right now. I do count too and I'm tired of suffering and struggling. If my books can help me too, they should. Please do buy instead of downloading, if you can.

A wounded beacon shines
Into these troubled days
To chase out the dark
And light a healing way.

Copyrighted with all rights reserved