Sight of Freedom's Peace

    The Peace, which total Freedom provides, is desperately needed around the globe - all of humanity needs Freedom's Peace, in order to live and Love and grow into all it was meant to be. Please help attain it even if all you can do is wish or pray for it.

    Freedom's Peace necklaces are hand crafted in America and grow from a deep yearning for us all to experience the benefits of total Freedom, the Peace it can provide and the Heart that can grow in it. They rise from the trenches of adversity where too many have lost Freedom in ways that most people do not even realize. Each necklace is made with a prayer for Freedom, Peace, Love and Light to reach all who buy or wear them. I hope they touch your Heart. Donations are needed as well as purchases. Please let your Heart help as much as you can. It will be deeply appreciated. Thank you.

Freedom's Peace Prayer Necklace

Hand Crafted by Sharon Rose Poet

$16.00 each
Price includes shipping.

Please send payment for however many you want, with your name and mailing address to;

Poetic Publications - (Necklace)
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

    The style and beading may vary, due to bead availability, but necklaces plan to remain simple and in natural tones. The braiding is 100% cotton with a knotted clasp. The picture above shows three examples and the knotted clasp.

     I hope they touch your Heart and remind you to always strive for the Peace of total Freedom in your life as well as that of others.

About Me

    My name is Sharon Rose Poet. I wish I could tell you that I have obtained the Peace of Freedom and want to share it's treasures with you, but I haven't. I started making these necklaces, and praying while I made them, in efforts to survive a horrible, literally holocaustal type of situation that has had me so filled with pain that I felt I was going to just go completely crazy if I did not find something meaningful and constructive to do with my time. The truth is that I am a mess, both inside and out. My situation has been so difficult. for so long, that I don't know how much good my prayers put into these necklaces, but I can promise that my intentions are good and my prayers are laced with a deep and genuine yearning for Peace and Freedom that extends far beyond my personal situation and into the Hearts of my fellow human beings. I had not initially intended to be selling my necklaces, but now I am, because I need to earn a living and there is not much of anything else I can do right now. I'm glad I thought of this. Making the prayer necklaces is helping me to survive my plight and I hope they can also help other people at least in some small way. God knows we all need it, in one way or the other, no matter what our situation is.
    My personal website is, but it appears to have been disabled. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Please check out my primary work website at Below are a few books - the less controversial part of my writings and part of my original work during a time when things were a bit better for me. They are also on Amazon, but if you purchase them directly from me it will help me more than them and I need all the financial help I can get right now. I hope they touch your Heart.

Embracing Feelings is a book that aims to help us to heal our Hearts during times of difficulty. This can only fully happen in a world where we are free to feel and release our feelings and heal, instead of being supressed through negative labeling or medicating...etc. But perhaps you are more free to feel and heal your pain than some of us are. I hope you are. And I hope this book reaches deep into your Heart and helps you to feel and heal and love in deeper ways than before.

Hints of me in Poetry is a book of poetry that touches on almost every aspect of life. It has poems about nature, poems about love, poems about family, sad poems, happy poems and spiritual poems. It contains many of the poems I wrote from the time I was child to around 2011.

Buds of Inspiration is a little book that aims to touch
the Heart of those who are going through tough times.

Please send a payment, with a list of how many of which books you want, and
your name and address to the address below. (The price includes shipping.)

Poetic Publications
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Deep in the Heart of Freedom there is Peace and Love -
The Freedom to think and feel and grow,
And follow our Hearts, above all else,
In the process of becoming
All that we were meant to be
Lets attain it.

Freedom will be Free when we stop fighting for it.

More may be coming soon.

Please print and share this page. Thank you very much.

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