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A Lethal Combination - Microwaves,
"Mental Illness" labels and Pharmaceuticals
By Sharon R. Poet (Previously Sharon LaBree, Sharon Buck and Namatari Neachi)
Revised on 2/7/2015

    In my first edition of "Embracing Feelings" I strongly encouraged people to work out personal issues through embracing/releasing suppressed feelings, instead of taking harmful medications. The first edition of this book was completed in 1999 and was followed by  severe rounds of targeting which ended in the loss of 3 pets, loved ones and a suspicious fire that raged through my New Hampshire home...etc.
    I am not sure if this round of targeting happened solely because of my book. It does appear to be due to other things also. But, the final manuscript was lost in the fire along with most of my other writings. And due to how much interference I had while reconstructing it, I feel that it probably was a reason for the vamp up in targeting. Who would want my work destroyed? And why?
    When I'd asked myself who would want to sabotage my work, which was all about healing the heart of humanity and bringing more Love into our troubled world, the answer kept looking like it had to be some sort of dark occult, because it could not be a threat to anyone else. But could it?
     The opinions I'd set forth in my book grew from my own experiences with personal growth and things I'd witnessed in a mental health facility, which I'd worked at. I found that through embracing our feelings we can heal from past trauma and that medicating our issues prevents resolution and stalls personal growth.
     I have never taken psychiatric medications but I know people who have and I've witnessed the stagnation, and sometimes even harm, that they can inflict, especially on people who are not really mentally ill. Even without meds, the "mental illness" labeling can destroy a person's life. And there seemed to be many children and adults who were being labeled although they seemed perfectly healthy and just needed to be allowed a healthy grieving process, a change of diet or an outlet for their frustration.

    People who are labeled as mentally ill can lose their rights to take care of themselves and make decisions for themselves. Their work and/or homes can be taken over by relatives. In the worst of situations they can be forced into institutions and medicated against their will. This form of destruction of healthy human beings is probably the worst kind of crime that humanity has ever been faced with, because most victims are not aware and the full scope of the crimes are not yet openly exposed and recognized by the general public.

    I'm not a doctor. But, when I wrote the book, I had a lot of experience with the embracing of feelings, in order to heal from past trauma, instead of suppressing it with medications. I personally trust the wisdom of experience and instincts above scientific text book knowledge, when it comes to personal growth, because every individual's circumstances are different. But, for those of who need a Dr. label, in order to believe that we have a serious problem here, I've compiled statements from doctors and other scientific experts.
    I feel that the crisis humanity is faced with has multiple dimensions which are summed up in the following paragraph. Some are so obvious that investigations are probably already taking place. And some may be difficult for you to believe, especially if you are not aware of the capabilities of microwave and psychotronic weapons. Please become aware. And please ask yourself the following question and look hard for the honest answer.

    Is it a coincidence that the field of psychiatry is suspected, in Bernard Schreiber's research, to be involved in a continuation of holocaustal crimes against humanity since Hitler's holocaust. . .that, according to General Barrie Trower, microwave weapons began perfecting their ability to remotely inflict symptoms that mimic "mental Illness" in targeted individuals in the 1950s. . .that the field of psychiatry was making shifts from Freudian methods to medicatable "mental Illness" diagnosis in the 1950s. . .and then (thank God) along came people like Dr Thomas Stephen Szasz, Dr. Paula Caplan, Dr.Peter Breggin, Dr. Colin Ross, and Dr. Gary Greenberg to stand up for humanity against what he classified as false "mental illness" labels?

    The following doctors have waged a war against the psychiatric label of "mental illness" and the harmful pharmaceuticals that are either prescribed for or forced upon victims of the label, which comes from the DSM - the book which defines criteria for the diagnosis of "mental illness." Some psychiatrists are even concerned that the labels and psychiatric drugs are so unethical that it could destroy the credibility of the whole psychiatric profession.

     In the video below Dr. Paula Caplan explains that, "the whole process of mental illness diagnosis is unregulated. . . there are categories in the DSM that have scientifically proven not to exist and they're in there anyway." Normal "things that everybody goes through. . . get diagnosed as "mental illness" for example; if someone close to you dies and your still depressed two weeks later, now, according to the DSM you have minor depressive disorder" And she expresses a VERY justifiable concern that normal feelings and social behaviors, especially those of natural grieving or anger, are listed in the DSM as cause to label a person with "mental illness." I like her approach and was glad to find her as a back up for what I have been writing for so long. I feel that the false labels and harmful medications soar beyond unethical and into what can be called the destruction of our natural process of personal and spiritual growth. (Dr. Paula Caplan wrote a book entitled, "They Say Your Crazy.")

Dr. Paula Caplan on how psychiatrists decide who's normal

    Dr. Peter Breggin makes a strong stand against the labeling and drugs on an interview with FOX News.

FOX News ; Peter Breggin MD Psychiatric Drugs Part I

FOX News ; Peter Breggin MD Psychiatric Drugs Part ll

FOX News ; Peter Breggin MD Psychiatric Drugs Part lll

     Dr Thomas Stephen Szasz appears to be the pioneer in the movement to save the field of psychiatry from the shame of unethical "mental illness" labels and harmful medications that they justify. Dr. Szasz wrote a book called "On the Myth of Mental Illness" and goes so far as say that there is no such thing as "mental illness." His web site;

    An interesting paper on this site is entitled, "On Being Sane in an Insane Place". . . by Michael Fontaine

    Dr. Colin Ross has extensively studied scientific data which disproves the validity of "mental illness" labels and renders most of the prescribed drugs harmful or ineffective in most patients. He and other ethical psychiatrists strongly feel that the DSM's false labels, need to be exposed and stopped. He says, "Its not going to stop until psychiatry takes responsibility for what its doing and the public gets educated and says wait a minute I'm not buying this anymore."(Dr. Colin Ross wrote a book entitled, "The great psychiatry scam.")

Is Psychiatry A Scam? Truth About Mental Disorders,
Psychiatrists Colin Ross and Corrina on Psychetruth

How a Mental Health Disorder is Discovered:
DSM Truth, Psychiatrist Colin Ross & Corrina Psychetruth

    Psychotherapist Gary Greenberg says, "In this case, the crossroads that we've all arrived at is as crucial as it gets, and what I will do in this book is to show you how we arrived here, how we got to a point in our history where it is common, if not mandatory, to think of our unhappiness as a disease. And I'm going to do something else here: to try to convince you that what is at stake with antidepressants and the disease they treat isn't only the question of whether or not to take drugs for our unhappiness, or even whether or not it's really a good idea to call our unhappiness clinical depression. What's at stake is who we are, what kind of people we want to be, what we think it means to be human."

    Dr Jeffery Schaler went so far as to say, "The diagnosis of mental illness is always a weapon."

A Bit of Surprising Research into Psychiatry and Eugenics

    Bernard Schreiber, wrote a book entitled "Men Behind Hitler - A German Warning to the World." In this book, (which is freely downloadable on the web as a gift for humanity) his research exposes the profession of psychiatry being involved in a covert continuation of the eugenics movement. Find it here

And Here's the Most Dangerous Part of the Puzzle

    British microwave expert, General Barrie Trower describes microwave weapons, and their use since the 1950s. He describes these weapons as technologies which shoot beams of microwaves into space to bounce off of the ionosphere and be redirected to the target, which can be virtually anywhere in the world. This is of course done in conjunction with satellite surveillance systems.
    On the subject of the use of these weapons on human beings Trower says, "By changing the pulse frequency... of the microwaves going into the brain and interfering with the brain. . . you could induce psychiatric illnesses to the point where a psychiatrist could not tell if it is a genuine psychiatric illness or an induced psychiatric illness."

    Uncountable numbers of people have reported being shot with microwave and laser weapons. These people are commonly known as "Targeted Individuals." Many of these victims have been forcefully labeled as "mental ill" instead of being protected from further abuse. The destructive and discrediting "mental illness" labels are just part of the horrible crimes that are being committed against us.
    I am a victim of technological targeting and have had to fight against the label which I have not been inflicted with, but certainly not out of their lack of their trying to shove me in that direction. I am fighting to not become another labeled pharmaceutical victim on top of all the other parts of the targeting, which I am forced to live with. It is Truly insane that any human being would have to fight to not be falsely labeled and force medicated by criminals who are targeting us with microwave weapons!

Find more about the Technological Holocaust on

    It is proven that certain psychiatric pharmaceuticals enhance the mind control part of the technological targeting, which appears to be part of the reason why Targeted Individuals are forced into taking them. The fact that these sorts of drugs are still being found in public drinking water has me more scared than concerned.

Drugs found in 24 public water supplies

    Even when we put aside the unacknowledged (but known) technological part of these crimes against humanity, the process of falsely labeling, and inflicting healthy human beings with harmful pharmaceuticals, are still holocaustal crimes against humanity, especially when those human beings lose their credibility and right to make their own choices with their own lives and their work.
    But please do not put aside the technological part, because it is the worst of it - it is what makes the rest possible and so difficult to face and resolve - it is the part that is inflicting humanity with brainwashings and mind control inflictions as well as more lethal types of targeting.
    Why are people being targeted in ways that will make them go see a doctor and get labeled and offered, or forced to take, harmful pharmaceuticals? Who benefits from this destruction of lives? I believe that the roots causes are greed and evil. And we ALL need to do all that we can to stop it and save humanity from further destruction.

Please print and share this information with everyone you know.

    This is a work in progress and may be added to soon. Please check back later.
    Until then please let your heart be touched; because its OK to feel sad, angry or scared. THESE ARE NATURAL HUMAN FEELINGS THAT WE NEED TO EMBRACE AND WORK THROUGH, IN ORDER TO GROW INTO ALL THAT WE ARE MEANT TO BE.

Copyright 2011 - 2015. Copyrights on various enclosed materials are also held in earlier years.
Information on this site is based on my own personal experiences and beliefs and then backed up with links to what I've found for scientific proof. I hope it is helpful to you. Please keep in mind that those who target me/us sometimes interfere with accurate sites and post intentional misinformation on the web. Sometimes I make my own mistakes, especially when my brain is being microwaved, and sometimes my computers and writings are interfered with by those who target me. I am doing the best I can to keep pages updated, and information accurate, under indescribably difficult circumstances. So, please look past possible interference and let your Heart realize the core issues, which need attention. And please listen to the HEART of your own instincts above all else.